Aadarsh Welfare Society (Regd. 3181) (A House of Social Welfare Activities)

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a Welfare Society, which in registered with Registrar of Simitiya, Haryana, Chandigarh vide Registration No.3181 Dt. 16-3-2001, Revised Registration 00248 dated 27-01-2014. Our Society is involved in various social welfare activities in Haryana and other states of the country. Our Society is a group of well-experinced, educated and hard working persons. all members of society are having vast experience of 10-15 years in social welfarwe activities individually. All problems of the people are understood and solved very soon by the team membner of our society.

Society is Focusing on : Development of Self Help Group for Women

In India, Self Help Groups or SHGs represent a unique approach to financial intermediation. The approach combines access to low-cost financial services with a process of self management and development for the women who are SHG members. SHGs are formed and supported usually by NGOs or (increasingly) by Government agencies. Linked not only to banks but also to wider development programmes, SHGs are seen to confer many benefits, both economic and more

Donate Us

So, we would request your goodself to kindly help us by open heartily donation to our society by crossed Cheque/Demand Draft in favour of "Aadarsh welfare society". These donations are used to fund the various Programs and campaigns being run by our society.

Hoping for your full co-operation in this regard.